We’re Pipweasel. We have started this enterprise to bring you the loveliest books we can make – books that we love and hope that you will love too. Over twenty-five years ago, David Kirk, our Pipweasel-in-Chief, started his book career with this same idea.

David’s first book, Miss Spider’s Tea Party, succeeded beyond his wildest hopes, with over a million copies in print, millions of copies of other Miss Spider titles, millions of toys, and a television series. Maybe we’ll do that again, but even if we don’t, we’ll be proud to offer our best.

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We are pleased to introduce
our first offering,

My Hugging Rules

by David Kirk.

Please, no prickly, pinchy, swishy swoopy, or too tight hugs! An adorable but picky cat has very particular rules about how her friends can hug her. But, when she receives a hug in her own time of need, she realizes that getting hugs is good, but giving them can make you into a whole new cat.


Creative Coloring

Why just color when you can create? Tell your own story with these art-inspiring pages. Who is coming to give kitty a stinky hug? Which lucky friend is getting a warm bear hug? Pick a friend for Mr. Poodle’s fancy hug, Ms. Snake’s scaly hug, or Hedgehog’s prickly embrace. There may be rules for hugging, but in art, there are no rules at all!


Huggable hats

Everyone looks better in a funny hat, especially you, so print, trim, and color these fabulous friends. Charming Crab, Bouncing Bunny, Sassy Snake, Handsome Hedgehog, Friendly Frog, Cuddly Cat, Awesome Octopus, Playful Puppy, Beautiful Bat, or Burly Bear—they’re here to bring out the beast in you, so perch them on your noggin and show the world your wild side!


Color and Hang
Bodacious banners

Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day—any holiday is perfect for this charming hugging banner adorned with your favorite pets. Why not make Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday a hug day? Every occasion is better with hugs, so with this banner you’ll make every day into an occasion. Bedroom, kitchen or bath, create a banner for each room in your home. Print, color, and string to decorate your very own hugging party! Perfect for story time, book event parties, libraries, or classrooms. Children, sharpen your pencils, ready your crayons, unsheathe your markers. Ready, set, color!


Projects In The Works


You may know David Kirk as the creator of Miss Spider and Daniel Kirk as the creator of Library Mouse.

But, long before the Kirk brothers were the authors of beloved children’s books, David and Danny were little boys who didn’t always agree. Which brother is telling the real story? You be the judge!

A graphic novel
That we don’t dare
tell you about it.